Ensure your assets go to whom you wish

A carefully drafted Will avoids your assets going to the wrong people.

Consider the case below. Mr and Mrs Hopeful both draft Wills leaving their assets including their house to each other, then their children, then their grand-children.

Mr Hopeful dies and Mrs Hopeful acquires all their estate. She later re-marries Mr Grateful, and amends her Will without due consideration, to include her new husband. After a period of time Mrs Hopeful also dies. Mr Grateful, now inherits all Mr and Mrs Hopefuls estate and leaves them to his family in his Will. Hence his family and not the family of Mr and Mrs Hopeful will inherit their estate when Mr Grateful dies. The children and grand-children of Mr and Mrs Hopeful will receive nothing.

Inheritence diagram

The above is plainly not right or fair, but it can and does happen.
It can however be avoided with a well planned and well drafted Will, which can include trusts that protect your property and assets. No matter what happens in the future.

Our fees for the drafting of Wills are very reasonable and include free home visits (within reason) made during the daytime evenings or week-ends. Clients are also welcome to call at our office in Sawbridgeworth to have their instructions taken by appointment. Fixed fees are charged for Single or Husband and Wife (or partner) Wills, no matter how complicated the Will needs to be.

We provide special reduced fees for NHS Staff or Senior Citizens.

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Laws of Intestacy

If you have no Will then the Laws of Intestacy dictate who gets your assets. Intestacy laws are strictly applied and somewhat out of date, for example your spouse may not receive enough to remain in the family home.

Intestacy laws are especially harsh on co-habitees, your partner if you are not married will almost certainly not receive anything under intestacy laws.

Property Trusts

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If You have a Will is it appropriate for your needs?

We offer free Will reviews, and will explain in laymen's terms how it would operate.

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